Pot Luck

Enhanced BeansDudes, Stoners, rejoice again: waking and baking just got a  whole lot easier, thanks to weed-infused coffee pods, I kid you not, which are in fact a real thing.  Now you can get the jump-start from coffee and the chillness from weed, all at the same time.  Wow, a caffeine infused rush, that ought to get the body smoking in the morning.  How does that work in practice?  Do the two cancel each other out?  Do you get all the wakening power from caffeine, but not the jitters, thanks to the weed?  If anybody has access to these weed coffee pods, would love to hear about the experience.

Don’t take off for your local grocery store, coffee retailer, or amazon just yet, though.  It looks like at the moment most, if not all of companies that make THC-cups are located in California or Washington, for obvious reasons.  Also, I checked the websites of two of the makers of the coffee pods, Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle, and House of Jane in California, and both confirmed that if you want to get your hands on some THC-cups, you’re going to have to go to Washington or California.  Until then, roll a blount.

One side effect to consider is that the cannibis infused coffee might just give you a case of the munchies.  Something for those diet followers to be aware of, when considering pot coffee.

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop sells k-cups with 10mg of THC for $10, or as a 6 pack for $37.  They also sell ground coffee with THC for $42, for those who don’t have one of the Keurig single-serve coffee machines.  As Yahoo notes, 10mg is commonly used as a standard serving for marijuana edibles, like cookies, chocolates and even sodas.

One customer likened the THC-infused coffee to a Red Bull and Vodka, more energy with the relaxation of cannabis.

For now, these seem the only two places in the US that sell THC k-cups, but we’ll likely see more companies selling pot-infused coffees and other unique goods as they look beyond the traditional wares of cookies, brownies,  and chocolates to give customers new ways to ge high as more states legalize marijuana use.

Live long, prosper, and consume responsibly!

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Best Coffee Grinder Reviews



Coffee is one of the most widely purchased  products  in the global market.  Coffee lovers search high and low for the blend that produces the flavor and aroma that maximizes the pleasure of their purchase.   However, they  can only enjoy the best taste coffee has to offer if they  have a good quality coffee grinder. Here is a look at the best coffee grinders you need to invest in.

1. Burr Coffee Grinder Reviews
Burr grinders are regarded as the best types of grinders in the market in terms of quality. These grinders have two metal plates that rub together and this produces a consistent and uniform coffee grind as compared to its competitors.

Capresso Infinity is an example of a burr grinder that has a zinc die-cast housing and commercial grade conical burrs. Since it is a high quality coffee grinder, it is famous among most coffee lovers. Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill is the other ceramic burr mill that’s hand operated. Not only is it affordable but also portable. Your morning brew will never be the same again since this grinder holds about 100g of coffee at a time.

Baratza Encore is one of the many burr coffee grinders. It is an automatic conical grinder that comes with a storage bun on top of it. It also has a capture container at the bottom for your ground coffee. If you are looking for a burr coffee grinder with a storage for all of your coffee beans and a conical steel burr grinder at the top then you need to consider the Capresso 560 Infinity Burr Grinder. In fact, it is one of the most affordable than most others in its class.

2. Espresso Coffee Grinder Reviews
If you are looking for coffee grinders build by companies with a great reputation then you need to consider Espresso Coffee Grinder. Here is a review of some of the best Espresso Coffee Grinder in the market.

The Rancilio Rocky is an example of an espresso coffee grinder made by a company that took its commercial product expertise and made one of the most durable, highly rated espresso/coffee grinders today. The doserless model uses a chute instead of a doser. This reduces the waste of coffee grinds.

Nuova Simonelli Grinta Espresso coffee grinder is the grinder you need when you want to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. It has the simplest yet ingenious function of the Grinta grinder-doser unit you will love. You may be enjoying your coffee simply because you don’t have the HC-600 Espresso Grinder and Doser from Cecilware (HC-600). This machine gives you quality grinds on demand, that’s why it’s the perfect for coffee shops, restaurants and espresso bars. The other one that serves the same purpose is the Gaggia 08002 MDF Espresso. This is the same espresso grinder found in various espresso bars and restaurants. It is also one of the easiest to use and gives you perfect results each time.

Flavored vs Black
Electric coffee grinders are known to make a precise amount of freshly ground beans. Anything automated makes work easier. So if you don’t know how to keep time for work in the morning then you need to consider the above coffee grinder machine.

Breville BCG800XL is an efficient electric coffee machine you need to have in your house. It uses Dosing IQ technology that adjusts the dose automatically each time you change the grind. The machine also comes with an LCD display, 1-pound removable hopper and a 25 grind settings.

Bunn on the other hand is an electric 1-pound bulk coffee grinder that meets any brewing specification whether you want a coarse or a fine powder. It is one of the best on the shelf since it uses precision burrs to cut the coffee beans to give you a consistent grind distribution.

Melitta – Burr Coffee Grinder precisely grinds your beans whether you need coarser grounds or super fine grounds for savory espressos. Most people give it positive reviews since it stores up to 16.5-ounces of beans in its hopper and gives you 2-18 cups. If you need the rich and complex flavor of coffee then this is the machine you have to own.

Nutrimill 760420 Mini Coffee grinder is among the cheapest electric coffee grinders in the market. Although this machine is small in size, you can grind from a coarse to fine power consistency.

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