Aldi Expressi – refill and re-use Expressi capsules Here is one of my first experiences with the Aldi Expressi coffee machine. Also this video shows how to re-use an expresso capsule.

CBTL Kaldi 9910 Single-Cup Brewer with Espresso, Coffee, Tea and Milk Frother Bundle, Black


One Capsule, One Touch

CBTL is an easy to use, single serve beverage system that combines the handcrafted taste and quality that is the hallmark of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with the finest Italian technology and design perfected by CAFFITALY SYSTEM.

One capsule is all you need to create a single serving to savor. One touch is all it takes to brew fresh espresso, brewed coffee or tea. One taste is enough to transport you to a moment of comfort – the comfort of one perfect cup.

The system

Combining innovative technology, functionality and design, the CBTL System is more than a single cup coffee machine. It’s an easy to use beverage system. The touch of a button delivers one perfect cup.

Automatic proportioning ensures consistency in taste and aroma. And a unique twin pressure system provides high pressure to capture all the aroma, texture, flavor and great crema of espresso, while gentle pressure allows flavors in coffee and tea to develop naturally and with great balance.

The difference

Perfectly sized for a perfect cup- Each capsule contains The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hand-selected premium coffees and hand-plucked whole leaf teas grown on the world’s best coffee and tea estates.

To lock in these delicate aroma and flavor characteristics, every serving of espresso, coffee and tea is freshness-sealed. And each espresso capsule, coffee capsule and tea capsule features an internal two-filter system to ensure evenly balanced extraction and optimal flavor.

Every beverage you make at home with the CBTL System is full of the authentic taste and aroma that you savor at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores.

The Kaldi Single Cup Brewer

Sleek design meets vibrant color. With its smooth curves and gleaming metallics, the Kaldi’s streamlined looks match its ease of use, and its innovative one touch technology delivers perfection in every cup.

The Kaldi has automatic proportioning, ensuring consistency in taste and aroma. The twin pressure system provides high pressure (15 bar) for espresso or low pressure (3.5 bar) for coffee and tea. Additionally, it accommodates a variety of cup sizes. The Kaldi is available in a number of color options so you can match it perfectly with your decor.

What’s Included

• CBTL Kaldi machine, black
• CBTL Milk Frother, black
• 60 beverage capsules in a variety of espresso, coffee & tea
• Bundles is a $304.95 value!

Hear the Difference

When brewing espresso, our systems will be using 15 bars of pressure, compared to the 3.5 bars of pressure used when brewing coffee or tea. This unique twin pressure systems provides high pressure to capture all the aroma, texture, flavor and great crema of espresso, while the gentle pressure allows flavor in our coffees and teas to develop naturally and with great balance. Don’t be surprised if you notice a bit more sound coming from your machine during the espresso extraction; it is just those 15 bars working to ensure you are getting a superior product each and every time!

Our story

We’re passionate about what we do. It’s why we buy only the best quality harvests from small artisan farms and private estates around the world. Why we work directly with our growers to ensure exclusivity. And why we go beyond the plantation with programs that benefit local growers and their communities.

We select the top 1% Arabica beans from Latin America, Asia Pacific and East Africa. Then each batch of espresso and coffee is hand blended and hand-roasted to ensure it’s done to perfection.

Cultivated in the world’s most exclusive growing regions, our whole-leaf tea is hand-plucked using only the top two leaves and a bud. It’s then hand-blended and hand-flavored to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

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  1. maqNme says:

    thrifty idea but isn’t the cling wrap going to landfill?

  2. stewdart says:

    just drink instant coffee yourself and let us enjoy our creativeness

  3. stewdart says:

    NO not when you can experiment with your own flavours DERRRRRRRRRRRR

  4. krisspykrapper says:

    Same amount of work as a manual. Crapper coffee

  5. tobytomic says:

    plasticky taste :(

  6. bbqbeers says:

    yeah i agree Alfoil would be better no?

  7. ozwelshcobs says:

    umm with the amount of glad wrap used, it is unlikely to be more environmentally friendly given that is a lot more plastic than used on the original pod. why don’t you just wash out the pods and put them in the rcycle bin ?

  8. ozwelshcobs says:

    This is not environmentally friendly to do, the pods are recyclable and you can put the coffee in the garden. Look at all that glad wrap being used and eventually going into landfill. You don’t like the aldi coffee, then just get a normal machine

  9. alek100 says:

    lol jayms050  very funny!

  10. maugoddess says:

    that’s what i use

  11. tardis751 says:

    they sell Pods at Officeworx that are compatible though apparently! Not too sure ….just going on a mates cudo! (he’s a good mate though if that makes any kinda difference!lol)

  12. H31MU7 says:

    I didn’t realise it was that easy. Definitely going to use alfoil to cover, though. The coffee’s nice but when I run out of capsules it’s nice to know I can just pack moar in there and do it again.

  13. Sveken says:

    How many cups can you get with each one? With the hot choclate if you leave the capsule in you can fill 4 cups and it still tastes strong? ?

  14. delitemyheart says:

    I’m struggling to understand the mentality behind why somebody would refill capsules. I’m just absolutely gob smacked. What a silly sod. You cannot compare the freshness of that ground coffee sitting in that container compared to the freshness of a new coffee pod. Let alone have the right grind for that machine. Doing this defeats the purpose and simplicity of owning one of these machine’s! So why bother? Go buy some new pods you scrooge. They are as cheap as chips. “Unbelievable!!!

  15. Richard Massey says:

    No wonder most instant coffee tastes like plastic! lol

  16. Warren Leadbeatter says:

    3 words. Tight arse bogan

  17. Tom Beech says:

    lets be honest- the pods arent that cheep- i have the starbucks version of this, and they charge £5.95 for 6 coffees- thats £1 each. not to mention all the waste of each pod.

  18. delitemyheart says:

    Well you are getting ripped off big time. Over here in Australia..the pods for this machine cost $5.99 for a pack of 16 pods. And thats about a 2 week supply for the average drinker. A pack of 250gram pre ground coffee like the person in this video would have bought costs around $7.50 and will also last about 2 1/2 weeks for the average drinker. I don’t know why you pay so much in the UK!?! Probably because its starbucks!
    You want my advice?..sell your machine on ebay or somthing 🙂

  19. delitemyheart says:


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