CBTL and Starbucks Verismo Pods

Coffee Bean and tea leaf and Starbucks both work with each other’s pods. that are totally interchangeable so you can have the best of both worlds. You can pi…

CBTL from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Beverage System, Americano Black

The cbtl americano from the coffee bean and tea leaf. Makes fast, fresh and flavorful espresso, coffee or tea.

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  1. Lem Tay says:

    Sorry Marty, these two systems are not exactly interchangeable, except for chocolate and milk pods.

    Firstly CBTL is Italian in origin, from Caffitaly. Starbucks Verismo is German in origin, from K-fee.

    They may look identical but the interior construction is quite different. CBTL has two plastic filters inside, creating additional even pressure. K-fee has a paper-based filter. The intended flow patterns are also different, which can create problems with grounds in the beverage or machine.

  2. Lem Tay says:

    In short, if you use CBTL coffee pod in the K-fee machine, you could damage the Verismo puncturing mechanism as the K-fee pod doesn’t have the extra plastic filter, and the pressure profile is different.

    If you use the K-fee pod in the CBTL machine, you could find grounds in your coffee, plus clog up the machine.

    Please cut open both of the types of pods and you will see at once that the construction inside is different.

  3. Marty Huie says:

    Thank you for the feed back :) Good to know

  4. Marty Huie says:

    Thank YOU good to know

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